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Tribble’s Care Fund

Can you help us with a one-time or recurring donation towards Tribble’s medical costs?

Tribble is a young Maltese male being taken care of by a retired healthcare nurse. Tribble’s daily care is excellent! The rescue was advised when Tribble was presented to us that his life expectancy could be only weeks. He is following a vet-recommended program which is working to support his life. Second Chance, as a rescue, is in need of financial support to continue to provide his costly care. Tribble has lived 8 months since he entered our care! It’s working!
Please help us continue his excellent daily care so he can have as long a life as possible.
—Mary K., SCSDR

Tribble, a precious Maltese pup

I am currently the foster mom of Tribble, born in May, 2023. He was surrendered after his owner found out that he had a congenital birth defect called a Liver Shunt. Treatment would cost quite a bit, and the pup was not able to be sold.
A liver shunt is a condition where an abnormal connection or no connection of blood vessels forms, allowing blood to bypass (or “shunt”) around the liver. If the blood can’t enter the liver, then it can’t be filtered and the toxins or by-products of food digestion build up in the blood. The built-up toxins will actually poison the pup’s organs, resulting in damage and eventually failure, leading to a difficult life and death.
Permanent treatment to correct the defect is surgery. Diagnostic tests, pre-surgical treatment, surgery, and post-surgical treatment range from $15,000 to $25,000. So, Tribble is being treated with medication and a specialized liver care kibble. The medication costs $20 for 8 ounces, and the prescription kibble is $100 for a 17-lb. bag that lasts him around 31/2 months. Because Tribble refuses to eat the kibble, I have been making it into “smoothies”—he’s willing to drink those. He is NOT allowed any food other than the kibble.
Each doctor visit with blood tests ranges from $175 to $250.
Tribble has gained 3 pounds in the 6 months I have had him! Blood tests show that he is stable at this time with medication and diet. I am trying to give him the care and unlimited love that he needs and wants in order to make his short life as wonderful as possible.
—Michelle, foster mom