Small Dog Rescue

Author: Michelle Vangeest

Foster with SCSDR since 2009. Currently managing the computer needs of the rescue (website, Facebook, Gmail account).

Loki, Maltese/Havanese Puppy

Meet Loki, an owner-surrendered puppy born in September of 2023. He is a handsome and delightful dog, with lots of energy and comical play habits. In our experience with him, he gets along with other small dogs and likes both men and women. He knows a few commands and acts submissively (when he’s actually listening, that is!).

The ideal adoptive home must: (1) have the energy and knowledge to train a young dog; (2) have another dog that is capable of dealing with a “pesky little brother” that pounces on him/her and demands to play; (3) have a fenced yard for safely running off some of that energy; (4) not have very young children. The payoff? Loki will be a WONDERFUL pet for many years to come. Preference will be given to person(s) within a 50-mile radius of either Elkhart, IN, or Grand Rapids, MI.

Loki is crate trained, comfortable on a leash/tie-out, and making good progress on house training. He is neutered; up to date on vet care; heart worm negative; and on monthly heart worm prevention. He weighs approx. 10#.

Loki is being fostered in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His adoption fee is $500. If you have questions about him, please contact his foster mom Michelle at or (616) 949-7813. Or complete an online adoption application.

Loki loves to play with an overturned bowl. The video uploaded in slower motion, but you’ll get the point!

Max, a Maltese/Yorkie mix

Meet little Max, a playful and friendly one-year-old weighing approx. 12#. He should be an only dog. Max needs continued work with crate training and house training, especially when changing homes. Fully vetted; HW negative; neutered. Applications are being accepted now, and Max will be placed in the home that best meets his needs. For questions, email or call Mary at (574) 524-6040.

Georgie, male Toy Poodle

Adoption Pending

Handsome little Georgie, age 4-1/2, is ready to find his forever home. He is friendly and relatively active, and weighs about 8#. Being a retired breeder, he needs a little more socialization and continued work on house training. Continued crate training is recommended. Georgie LOVES to snuggle. He would do best with another dog to show him the ropes and hang out with when his human isn’t home. A fenced yard/area is desirable, but he is doing pretty well with leashes and tie-outs. Georgie is up to date on all vet care (vaccines, heart worm negative, neutered) and had an extensive dental cleaning with extractions. Georgie’s adoption fee is $450. Contact his foster mom, Michelle, at (616) 949-7813 or with questions. Or complete an online adoption application.

Jasmine, Mini Schnauzer


Jasmine is a 4-year-old retired breeder. She is working on house training. She just recently came to us, but she seems to be a nice little gal. Jasmine is available for Foster-to-Adopt until she is spayed in the 3rd week of May in Elkhart. Therefore preference will be given to a home within an hour of Elkhart to make transportation easier.

A fenced yard is necessary. Former breeders often do best with another canine friend in the house to show them the ropes. For more information about Jasmine, contact Mary at (574) 524-6040; please leave a message and she will return your call as soon as she can.


Josie, 10-year old female Bichon, in need of a quiet forever home.

Josie, almost 10 years old, came to Second Chance from a difficult life of breeding, leaving her very timid with humans. She has spent the last couple years in foster homes with multiple dogs, learning “dog behaviors,” working on house training, and discovering that snuggling on a human’s lap can be enjoyable. Josie needs to be with a well-adjusted and respectful dog to help encourage her to go outside; a fenced yard is highly recommended for play and potty time. She will do best in a quiet home, perhaps with a senior who has the time and patience to devote to helping Josie build trust. She is up to date on vaccines, heart worm negative, spayed and microchipped. Her adoption fee is $150. For more information about Josie, contact Mary at (574) 524-6040; leave a message and she will return your call at her earliest convenience.

Josephine, female Havanese


Josephine is a friendly and energetic 4-year-old Havanese female, a recently retired breeder who is excited to live life to the fullest! She loves toys, and often carries one around in her mouth throughout the day. She needs continued work on house training, and a fenced yard or potty area is preferred. At this point, Josephine does not have experience walking on a leash, but she’s smart and will learn quickly. She will be spayed, microchipped and up to date on vet care prior to adoption. Adoption fee is $450. If you’re ready for a little challenge in exchange for the great rewards she brings (through her silliness and gentle kisses), contact her foster mom Michelle at or call between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. at (616) 949-7813 for further details!

Josephine is sweet and friendly!
“I did not consent to wearing this dress.”

Jojo, male Pomeranian–Pending adoption

Jojo is a 1-year-old male Pomeranian. He is friendly, full of puppy energy and playfulness but also likes to be held. Up-to-date on vaccines, heart worm negative, neutered, microchipped. Continued crate training is needed as he is not fully house trained. A fenced yard is strongly recommended so he can safely burn off his energy. His adoption fee is $450. Submit an adoption application, or call 574-524-6040 for information. Please leave a message, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

After a much-needed grooming!

King Charles Cavalier female

We have an urgent need for someone in the Michiana area to FOSTER this little gal with the option to adopt once her vet care is complete. She is turning 5; has a nice personality. A fenced yard would be preferable but not required.

Placement found. Thank you for your concern.

5 year old King Charles Cavalier female

Kelsey, Adopted!

Kelsey is a 6-year-old Yorkie female, a retired breeder, very social & cute. She seems to attach quickly to her human friends and wants the attention for herself. For that reason, Kelsey would do best as an only pet. She is fully vetted, HW negative, and has had a dental cleaning. She is working on house training. A fenced yard or outside area is preferred since she is not yet experienced on a leash or tie-out. Kelsey’s adoption fee is $450. If you have questions, contact Mary at (574) 524-6040 between 9 AM & 9 PM.

Presley, adopted

Mini Aussie/Poodle mix

Looking for a home in the “Michiana” (Elkhart, Indiana) area for this little puppy. He is available for “Foster to Adopt” via adoption application; adoption will be finalized after he has completed his vaccinations. Momma is Mini Aussie; daddy is likely a mini poodle. Energetic, playful, friendly, curious. Working on house training but will require more training in his new home. Call (574) 524-6040 and leave a message if you have questions, or simply complete an application online. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Mini Aussie mix puppies

Mogli, male Coton de Tulear

Mogli is a “tender soul” with a sensitive nature who will do best in a peaceful home with an older person/couple. Mogli is 6.5 years old and weighs about 15 lbs. He likes to be with his people and enjoys lap time. He will become more playful once he’s comfortable in his new home. He gets along well with other dogs. A fenced yard or potty area is strongly recommended, as Mogli still needs to learn to walk on a leash. He is doing very well on house training and is crate trained. Continued crate training is recommended. Mogli has been fully vetted, had a recent dental cleaning, is heart worm negative and on prevention. Mogli’s adoption fee is $400. For information, contact Mary at (574) 524-6040; leave a message and she will respond to you as quickly as possible.

Charlie, Miniature Poodle, Adopted

Charlie is an AKC registered Miniature Apricot Poodle weighing about 10 pounds. He is full of energy and likes to play with toys. He is timid with people and requires more socialization, yet he likes to sit on a lap. While he shows interest in children, we don’t know if he has any experience with them. A fenced yard or area is required as he is not yet comfortable on a leash. Charlie gets along with other dogs and would probably benefit from having another canine friend. He is fully vetted including a dental. He is crate trained and doing well on house training. His adoption fee is $400. For more details or to see if your home might be a good fit for Charlie, contact his foster mom, Mary, at (574) 524-6040.

Charlie fills his bed with stuffed animals!
Charlie, 2 year old male mini poodle